Camel Park

Things To Do

The beautiful Camel Park was set-up in 1998 and offers adventure and fun for all the family. The family run park focuses on sharing their great love for nature and animals.

In the past, camels were used for transportation, whereas today, Cypriot camels can only be seen within the unique Camel Park.

Hidden in the lovely countryside, just 15 minutes drive from Larnaka, the park is a great place for relaxation and enjoyment. The Camel Park is a good place to get closer to nature and share direct contact with the animals. The stars of the park are, of course, the camels. But a variety of other animals can be found at the small zoo including cute ponies, the sweet Cyprus donkey, deer, ostriches, goats, horses, lamas, pelicans, parrots and ducks.

You can take a pony or camel ride within the park’s grounds or if you are up for more of a challenge, enjoy an exciting safari ride through the countryside; a wonderful experience for both adults and children. The duration of the ride is approximately 10-15 minutes.

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